Curious facts about Finland’s gambling industry: What makes this nation unique?

Online gambling is getting increasingly popular all over the globe. With all the attractive features like visual graphics, simple instructions, exciting gameplay and a myriad of opportunities to win big, the appeal of slot games is hardly surprising. This is especially true for Finland where gaming activities have reached the height of popularity.

Finland legalized online casino business in late 1990s. From that time on, online gambling remains a highly popular type of entertainment for the local citizens. All casinos here are run by monopoly which is more commonly known as a 3+1 system. This means that only Finnish casino operators are permitted to offer their services to local residents. That’s the key reason why gambling business keeps flourishing in this state.

Why Finnish gambling “netticasino” culture is “completely weird” for other nations

Simply because gambling is an inseparable part of Finland’s culture, the slot machines here can be found almost everywhere – from hospitals and supermarkets to workplaces and other public places. Although Fins consider this perfectly normal, the other nations perceive it as a “completely weird” trend.

Ever since the Finnish casinos as well as Swedish casinos had become legal, gambling turned into a widespread way of spending leisure time. What makes Finland different from other countries is that:

  • All casinos here are under the governance of three state-run organizations – RAY, Fintoto Oy and Oy Veikkaus AB, which isn’t common for other nations.
  • By the time various other casino-loving nations started to perceive gambling as a source of additional income, Fins were still treating online casino games as just a fun and enjoyable activity regardless of financial rewards. This way of thinking is prevalent up to these days, even though Fins are already aware of how risky online gambling can be.
  • Finland remains the first-rated state in Europe according to how much they like casino entertainment.  

As a result, with no attention to what other nations think about Fins’ passion for gambling, it is deeply rooted in the lifestyle of local citizens. Apart from that, the majority of Fins have hardly any worries or fears peculiar to some other states which often find online casinos a bit risky.

Yet another difference is that foreign gambling platforms are still illegal on the territory of Finland. However, this doesn’t apply to betting sites and free spins as there are no laws prohibiting the use of external betting platforms. As a result, Fins are allowed to use any of such websites after registration.

All these features and peculiarities make Finland not like any other state where the attitude to gambling is completely different.

Fun facts you may not know about gambling in Finland

Fins seem to never lose interest to online casinos. This is perhaps the main reason why there are so many curious facts about gambling as their national virtue. Some of them include:

  • The greatest winning ever received in Finnish casinos amounted to as much as 18 million Euros. The lucky player of Mega Fortune happened to be the resident of Helsinki, while the most amazing part of this story is that he managed to do it within not more than half an hour.
  • Even though many nations are aware that Fins enjoy playing only casino games, it’s not entirely true. That’s simply because they are equally fond of betting as yet another popular type of entertainment in this country. The rumors say that they enjoy betting so much that they are ready to spend around 14 Euros per week on betting activities.
  • Fins are also known for their unwillingness to yield to other nations’ influence. In fact, the European Union is still trying to persuade Finland’s government that they need to refrain from monopoly and permit other casino operators to run all gambling spots in the country. However, up to these days Finland sticks to its own policy and doesn’t want to give in to others’ pressure.

In this way, Finland keeps surprising other countries with their unique system of running online casinos staying loyal to their own way of doing things and having no desire to live like anyone else.  

College admission essay writing Tips and Tricks

College application process is an important part in the life of every young person. To avoid failure, writing a strong admission essay is a must. This is one of the final academic works that can greatly affect the decision of the admission committee. However, that’s only part of the application procedure that entirely depends on how well you cope with this task.

What makes it different from other application procedures is that it’s the only thing that you should do using your own skills and knowledge. No other student will have an essay similar to yours. That’s why a properly written custom college essays can help you outshine other applicants and win scholarship or get some financial help. The more time and effort you invest in writing this type of essay, the better your results will be.

Useful tips on writing admission essay: Where to start?

The best time for you to start working on your admission essay is summer holidays. At this time, there are no extracurricular activities and homework that take too much time and energy to complete.

For this reason, starting early will give you lots of time to work on your essay draft and complete this task before deadline. Here are a few points to consider before you start:

  • Depending on which college you want to study at, you may need to find some specific requirements of a particular education institution along with the variety of essay topics and preferable word count.
  • The admission essay itself is only part of the application process as some applicants may be asked to provide at least one additional sample of their writing.
  • Keep in mind that the college of your choice may ask you to explain why you want to study there and why you’re interested in some particular academic field. This can be done using a few other essay templates that are usually short but they may still influence the end results of your application.
  • If you want to succeed in writing the admission essay, you’ll need to contribute much time not only to the writing process itself, but also to editing and revising your paper.

Top 5 Custom Writing Services:

Just give yourself some time and don’t hurry up – at least one week of hard work on your essay is better than writing it in a hurry within an hour. You’ll hardly get an extra score if you don’t invest enough time, effort, skill, and mental energy.

Note: Admission essays are by far the most influential papers you’ve ever written as they are directly connected with your future life.

Steps to writing admission essay

Writing any academic paper requires thorough preparation and proper knowledge of the subject. However, when it comes to writing admission essay, the rules are a bit different. Here are the main steps to consider before you start writing the admission essay.

#1 Brainstorm the ideas

Take your time and brainstorm creative ideas for your future work. Most probably, the university or college of your choice will give you some ideas that you can use during the writing process. Just don’t hurry and carefully read all the provided materials. You may also use prompts to reflect on your life experience and see how helpful they will be.

#2 Reveal your personality

Among the rest of things you should do before applying to college, you need to write a strong admission essay. This will help you to let everyone see what talents, skills, and knowledge you have and which of them make you unique as a student and personality. That’s why it is advisable to use some personal stories from life and demonstrate that you would become a valuable asset for the college of your choice. Humor, witty phrases, and interesting life stories told in a creative way will help you a lot.

#3 Use templates and examples

Templates are especially useful at the first stage of the writing process. However, you shouldn’t rely on templates too much even though they can still help you to improve your admission essay. If you claim to have some good skills or talents, it would be an empty statement. Examples from your life will serve as evidence that you’ve gained those skills fairly and will succeed in your studies in college. Just be honest and use samples and examples as a source of inspiration.

#4 Work on your grammar knowledge

Don’t make the text too long and pay attention to grammatical mistakes if there are any. Checking for spelling errors is also important. Wordiness and the lack of clarity is yet another thing to check and refine.

#5 Make a small break and get back to proofreading your paper

Just put your essay draft aside and make a short break. This will help you take a fresh look at what you have written later on. That’s because it’s the best way to detect imperfections and see whether or not the requirements to this assignment are met.